New Trends in Future Recruitment
New Trends in Future Recruitment 18, May, 2018

Recruitment Data AnalyticsAs the current recruitment has changed, to just manually go through the profiles and social network data will not be enough. Specialized analytic programs will be designed by companies to maintain and manage the candidate data. Such data analytics would also help recruiters to source passive candidates in less amount of time. Video Resumes:-The trend of using video resumes can become a regular practice, and i (...)

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Social Recruiters of the Future
Social Recruiters of the Future 16, May, 2018

The partnership is the only optionAs we already have discussed in earlier chapters, collaborative efforts and co-working spaces will be the norms of the future. Networking and alliances in this landscape will matter much more than they do today. Entire ecosystems will be built around common projects with like-minded professionals. At the center of the entire recruitment, the biosphere will be the social recruiters of the future.Take the example of the social media industry. The (...)

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Employer Outlook
Employer Outlook 11, May, 2018

In 2010-2011, Vodafone underwent a massive branding overhaul.  Now, Vodafone is one of the most recognisable brands all over the world. So, the way in which they approached their positioning for the branding overhaul was of massive importance. Not only would this have retail and customer consequences, but also would change the way they are perceived as an employer with the ability to attract quality talent. They had to work very closely with human resources, brand marketers, (...)

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Futuristic Work Place
Futuristic Work Place 08, May, 2018

Today, intellectuals and skilled professionals don't want to work in offices or outdated, cramped cubicle spaces of the past anymore. Welcome to the digital age and a supersonic speed of change taking place in the recruitment world.Boundaryless and free individual orientation work Model• The thought of the future is that people will be looking more towards freelancing, start-ups and independent collaborations. • We are already (...)

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Emerging Landscape of Social Recruitment
Emerging Landscape of Social Recruitment 04, May, 2018

It is difficult to believe that until the 20th century, the structure and form of recruitment did not change much. Recruitment industry, as we know, has taken shape only after the World War II. Recruitment emerged in its current avatar when American men left to join the army, and the lack of talent available to fill their positions sparked the creation of the first recruitment agencies. Recruitment agencies steadily thrived and evolved into headhunting operations. Gradually, over (...)

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