How to write an Effective Blog?
How to write an Effective Blog? 02, Aug, 2020

Anyone can start a blog. It is that easy. Regardless of what your profession is, you can benefit from your blog in a variety of ways.For a business, your blog serves as your portfolio through which you can show potential clients what you do best. It is so popular because it works as a marketing tool and makes money. The whole point of writing a blog is to get your knowledge, or your business out in the world. So writing a blog that succeeds in cap (...)

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Instagram success stories - Indian brands
Instagram success stories - Indian brands 29, Jul, 2020

Instagram is a visual marketing platform that focuses on allocating its users’ content based on three crucial factors: interests, timeliness, and relationship. Brands must continually review and regulate their Instagram strategies to be exceptional. This means sharing finer content, keeping the users engaged and keeping abreast of the platform alterations. Brands are going the extra mile to create content that is veritable, relevant and int (...)

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Top 4 HR Trends of 2020 - Identifying the relevant trends
Top 4 HR Trends of 2020 - Identifying the relevant trends 19, Jul, 2020

It’s hard to digest that we’re already halfway through 2020, especially because March - April seemed ceaseless while May-June was quick as a flash. This has been an unparalleled year, one that none of us were prepared for.Even though our situation is far from the status quo, we’re seeing a couple of changes in our work and personal life alike. Trends have emerged in different professionals as per the new normal. And Human R (...)

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Role of HR in the \'New Normal\' work environment
Role of HR in the New Normal work environment 14, Jul, 2020

This pandemic has caused a disruption in the corporate world, forcing organizations to rethink and restrategize. Organizations have updated their business plans while making adjustments in the way of working to ensure the business continuum. These changes revolve around the People Aspect of this pandemic and may have left employees with a feeling of uncertainty, isolation, and more. Human resource plays a crucial role in catalyzing (...)

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What should be your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?
What should be your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy? 05, Jul, 2020

LinkedIn is a social network exclusively designed for bringing the professionals under one umbrella. It has over 65 million users and the majority of them are there with the sole purpose of cultivating their career. That is why LinkedIn is good for business, it lets you tap into your connections and gain visibility while growing your brand.  At first, you connect with the people you know and then build a bigger network through them. LinkedIn shows us that the type of co (...)

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