About Us


BIG IDEAS Big Ideas HR Consulting Pvt. Ltd. works with the most important asset of an organization – its people.

Established at Ahmedabad in 2010 with a team size of more than 60+, Big Ideas HR Consulting today has imprinted itself at Baroda, Aurangabad, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Haryana, Indore, Bangalore, and Vizag. With an integrated, multimedia, multidisciplinary approach, the success of Big Ideas HR Consulting is evident in its track record for past five great years, attaining new heights of success each year.

Led by a team of strategists and various domain experts, Big Ideas HR Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is a truly integrated human resource consulting organization which delivers thought-through HR plans executed for its clients from various verticals. Each founder of Big Ideas HR comes with a successful recruitment and training background, bringing a new and a fresh perspective to its areas of operation - Talent Acquisition, Talent Research &Leadership Development, Recruitment Training to Talent Acquisition team, Organisation Development, and Coaching & Training & Development.

Big Ideas HR Consulting is amongst the few organizations that provide dedicated HR Relationship Management and Customer Relationship Management solutions to pharmaceutical industry. With its Big Pharma Jobs, that takes care of every need of the pharmaceutical industry – from Senior Level Recruitment to Volume Hiring, to providing Corporate Support Team.

Being always been on a quest to explore and expand into new domains, Big Ideas HR Consulting also offers Big CXO Jobs (Senior Level Recruitment other than Pharma), Big Engineering Jobs (Engineering Vertical), Big Sales Jobs (All verticals), Big Social Media (Social Media Recruitment) and Big Training India (Specialised Training Solution Company).


Big Ideas rolls on with a vision to be an organization with 500+ Equal partners Recruitment Company with rocketing turnover of Rs. 15 Cr. by 2020.


Big Ideas aims to be India’s No .1 “Equal Partnership Driven” recruitment company creating Entrepreneurs by tapping across domains.

Culture & Core values

Big Ideas owes everything to its integrity. We define the term ‘Integrity’ in a broader sense. For us Integrity means Integration of all and their activity at equal footing. All our employees, partners, clients, candidates, and all those who are associated with us in any manner- directly or indirectly, are equal and unique. We believe in constructing a versatile organization marching in the same direction with unity and strength.

Our Honesty & integrity

"Vihaay kamanya sarvanpumanischrati nisprah, nirmamo nirahankarah Ssh shantimadhigchhati."- Bhagwat Gita

Breaking away from selfish ego of I, me, mine takes a person from death to immortality.


Our work is our ‘DHARMA’ where you will find a fine tuning of Thoughts with Actions with conscience. We are obliged to follow our ‘DHARMA.’ We believe in creating an environment where “work is worship”. We want our people to enjoy their work rather than avoid their work. The resultant will be Smart Hard Work.


Our employees are our valuable assets. So we strive to provide them a comfortable work environment, where they could work being stress-free.


Creativity is an inborn quality and we respect, appreciate and try our level best to motivate people to have creative and unique thoughts of their own, and not imposed ones.


We do have a great sense of respect for our people and society, so we want our people to sustain the sense of respect towards themselves, people and the organization.


we believe in equality, we do not discriminate any person regarding caste, color, race, gender, religion, etc. we have equal respect for every person.


Big Ideas believe in complete transparency. We don’t believe in hiding any information with the concerned person. In the same way we want our employees to be transparent in the terms of their professional life.



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