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Why do we need to have a virtual Independence Day celebration this year?

None of us had ever imagined that we would have to celebrate 15th August without all the celebrations. Yes, we can still attend a flag hoisting ceremony while maintaining social distancing but kids won’t be participating in the independence day program in school. This Independence day this year is falling on a Saturday, so we could have planned a small family trip or a casual road-trip with friends, but I guess we can’t do that this year as all celebrations are typically built around public gatherings with loved ones. All of us will be watching the Independence Day Parade live from Red Fort, but will that be it?


This hasn’t been the best year, to say the least, and that is precisely why we need to celebrate this Independence Day from home. When we can shift the most important meeting online, why can’t we have a virtual 15th August celebration? 


Let’s look at a few reasons why we need to have a virtual celebration this year and why the HR department should make sure it goes well.



Why is Independence Day 2020 celebration important?


15th August is a day that reminds us of our country’s victory and makes our hearts fill with pride. It is a day that evokes many emotions. Even in this bad year, it will remind us to not give up and fight for what we want. 



It’ll make the employees feel connected


In this time, when most of us are working from home and restraining ourselves from mingling with others, we may feel deserted. Even if we are staying with our family or friends, we still are not well connected with our colleagues. A virtual celebration would be highly beneficial at this point, as it would help the employees lighten up and relax. Also, a team that laughs together, succeeds together.



Some joyous moments with the team

We are surrounded by bad news, and it’s not selfish to crave happy instants. A virtual celebration, along with some games or a few jokes, will act as a much needed joyous bit. Refreshed employees are more motivated and thus, this might even boost their productivity.



Enhanced employee engagement


Independence Day 2020 can be seen as an opportunity for boosting employee engagement. The HR department should look for fun activities to be included in the celebration that could help improve the employee experience. Virtual Celebrations, if planned properly, may help this day stand out as one full of happiness among many gloomy ones. 


Independence Day, by itself, inspires positivity. Just like we have won all the other wars over evil, we will emerge victorious in this pandemic as well. But it’s important to take a break every once in a while and celebrate! If a physical celebration is far fetched, we’ll have to make use of our resources and have a fun virtual celebration!


-Ishani Singh