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What are the three things Corporate India could learn from the West Workplace Culture ?

We see a lot more people migrating to the West for a longer term, and we see many of them coming back after a decade or two. How does it feel to move back from the Western professional environment to an Indian professional climate? How hard is it? Is it worth it?

Trust, work-life balance and leaving the benchmark of success are the important areas that an organization’s HR needs to focus on that. Western countries have three focus areas to build a sustainable work culture in the corporate sector.

Here are three things corporate India can learn from the West Workplace Culture:-


•The biggest difference according to me is in the way we trust. 

•In the West, there is an in-built trust in every professional relationship. People assume that you’re trustworthy unless otherwise proven.

•It’s slightly different in India. Here people trust you after you’ve proven that you’re worth it.

•Both have their merits when you look at it from the organization’s perspective.

2.Work-life balance:-

•Most Important demarcation is between personal time and professional time.

•In the West, they are quite clearly demarcated, at least most of the time. 

•In India, they slide over on a regular basis. Typically we don’t think twice before calling a colleague later in the evening, even if it’s something that can wait till the next day.

•In India, if there is a pressing need at work, we assume that it’s everyone’s responsibility to be at work and pull it through.

•Putting personal need first at that point usually frowns upon it. Part of it is also because of the industry we are in, where the clients are in a different time-zone, making long work hours necessary to even run the day to day business. However, a big part of it is also a cultural issue.

3.Leaving the benchmark of success for an individual:- 

•Finally, the other big difference is that in the West, whether you want to go up the career ladder or not, is entirely up to the individual. If someone chooses not to, then they can easily remain an SME in a particular area and will be well respected as that.

•However, in India, going up the ladder is considered a must in the corporate world to make people think that you’re serious about your career and not in it just for the salary.

So, most people feel the pressure of moving up. I can’t say that everywhere it’s up or out’ but up or you’re not respected as a professional.’

So right now, if I hear some professional wanting to come back to India, because of two reasons 

•The biggest positive of working in India is the multitude of opportunities that we have in front of us.

•Secondly, growth opportunities are much higher, in general. By growth, I mean growing vertically upwards.