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The Power of Storytelling in Recruitment

Since the beginning of time, we’ve heard stories to share ideas, events, and knowledge among others. Storytelling is the best medium to connect with the people together. In the early days when there was no TV, internet people used to gather and tell stories of what they have experienced.

Nowadays we haven't seen much changes; peoples still enjoy listening to a good story, and this will also help in hiring the people you want in the company. For any recruiter, storytelling is the most authentic way to communicate with the candidate.

Storytelling skills give recruiters an advantage to attract candidates and sell the opportunity they are offering to them. The great storytellers have a better advantage over others because they are going to recruit much better than others.

Storytelling and Recruitment                       

While it is difficult to tell a story in a short duration during an interview, you can still use more precise examples as stories, which is an excellent way to make candidates interested.

Sometimes you don’t have to talk about all the events you experienced, but make sure to tell something interesting that will also describe the team or company which can create excitement. What may seem to be a typical story about a company event could turn into something different if you mention an essential aspect. Don’t forget to use storytelling elements that will help the candidate relate to your company or brand story.

Use proper language and characters while narrating the story to the candidate you are hiring.

With the help of this, you should not wait to have interviews with candidates. In the first place where you can use your storytelling techniques are your advertisements when you are recruiting a new candidate for the relevant job role.

Many companies release static, and unattractive ads for the jobs they offer. It will attract the attention of people who are looking for a job, but it will not draw the attention of the candidate you are looking to hire.


In Recruitment when interacting with the candidates, you should always share stories whether you are communicating over the phone, e-mail or face-to-face interview . If you just asked them a bunch of repeated questions, then don’t be surprised if the people you selected lost their desire to work for your company on the way.

It happens because you did nothing to make them care about the company and the job. It can change the perception of hiring the candidate with the help of storytelling technique.

Imagine If you would you like to hear a good story about the company or team during a job interview or just being asked the same old repeated  questions “Where do you see yourself in the next five years?”


Storytelling is the base for almost everything in our society for narrating even small stories such as "why your company has this name" or "your mission"  which will catch the attention of any candidate.


So what's your storytelling technique of recruitment?