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Social Recruiting Success Stories - Social Recruiters

As a social recruiter, you can get some valuable insights into the minds of these social recruiting superstars. We have divided it between Indian and Overseas Success stories and also influencers across various social platforms. 


1. Sanjeev Bikhchandani:-

SanjeevBikhchandani otherwise known as the Tendulkar of the Indian Internet industry is the executive chairman of Just like famous Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, Bhikhchandani has had a long and successful professional run in his field of online recruitment. 

The first year that Naukri, com was launched, Bhikhchandani took home a measly Rs. 2.5 lakh annually. That was in 1997. In 1998, he saw exponential growth and his income went up to Rs. 18 lakh. Despite dissenters asking who will visit and advertise on a site for the jobless, Bhikhchandani reasoned that if he could get 1,000 companies to pay Rs. 500 for a single, he would be doing the business of Rs.60 lakhs a year! Bhikhchandani has far exceeded the expectation of making Rs. 60 Lack per year. Fast-forward to 2010,’s parent business, Info Edge earned a net profit of Rs. 56.92 Crore - all thanks to the power of the world wide web, and social media! 

2. Rachit Jain:-

Rachit is the founder of youth4work based out of New Delhi. This website was started in 2012 and has portals separately for employers, colleges, job seekers, online education as well as those interested in clearing insurance exams.

In 2014, the company raised half a million USD in bridge capital from Aurum Equity Partners, Global Asia Partners, and UK based angel investor Dan Sandhu. At that time, they had a reported user base of 500,000.

By December 2016, the website had registered more than 8000 colleges, 13,500 employers that publish roughly 45,000 jobs and have covered more than 150 competitive entrance exams with prep tests as well as 1400 online skills certificating courses. In 2016, Employment news featured an interview by Youth4work's CEO, Rachit Jain.

3. Mayank Pratap Singh:-

He is another Indian homegrown social recruitment success story. He would never have thought that his nickname Engineerbabu (because he was the first engineer from his village), would be the name of his first venture. To help others engineers he created a Facebook page that went viral, earning 2.5 lakh users in just two months leading to him leaving his job and starting  Engineerbabu which has been a big recruitment success and raised undisclosed amount of seed funding from Pune based Scale venture.

4. Sonia Singal:-

When Sonia Singal observe that there is a tremendous gap between skills and jobs requirements. She decided in 2013 that being a CA; she can help a large number of Chartered Accountants and set up a blog with her husband called dedicated to CA. Sonia had worked with Deloitte, Hyderabad in the consulting practice. Anurag joined IIM-A, and he was encouraged to convert the blog into a recruitment platform. has different verticals for CA internships, full-time jobs, and commerce graduates. Nearly 20,000 users are registered on the platform, able to find posts and job requirements online.

The company’s client list boasts of 150 brands from across categories, including Unilever, P&G, ITC, Philips, Britannia, Cipla, HDFC, Goldman Sachs, Titan, Caterpillar, Amazon and Bharti Airtel, among others.

She credits the success of her venture to Social Media and Analytics. She is looking for affiliate partners overseas local liaising in critical markets like Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Africa and Indonesia.

5. Mithun Kalaga:-                     

Mithun is currently working with an out of the box online recruitment platform exclusively designed for not for profit sector called to bring all the stakeholders under one roof, social sector community include NGO’s CSR dept, Donors, Volunteers and social sector professionals. They backed by Venture funded by We Third Sector Partners, an executive search firm that focuses specifically on the Social Sector. It also helps network with like-minded social industry specific individuals. 

6. Hansa Sinha:- 

She is a leading Social Recruitment in the social sector working for mainly social sector client across the country based in Patna. She worked with Ma Foi (Now Randstad) where she worked for Unicef and Health and Education Dept, Bihar. In 2011 she co-founded Genesys Consulting Pvt. Ltd. along with Parimal Madhup who also had social sector Recruitment exposure. 

Now she and her team have successfully executed many projects across Bihar. Genesys has achieved a turnover of more than 2 Cr in 2014-15. 

Social Recruitment which goes beyond Social Media recruitment still is not very structured professionally in India, and we do not have professional players in this space. 

7. Mr.Prabir Kumar Jha:- 

Mr.Prabir Kumar Jha is currently working as Global Chief People Officer at Cipla Limited since October 1, 2015. Mr. Jha served as the Chief Human Resources of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), before that he has worked with leading Indian companies like Dr. Reddys, Tata Motors to names few.During his stint at Dr. Reddys, he was instrumental in making them the top employer brand which had the positive role of social recruiting.

He is today one of the most action HR influencers in India. He is one of the most active HR professionals in Social Media today hence I thought of including him. He is not a typical recruiter but a social influencer. 

8. Gautam Ghosh:-                               

Gautam Ghosh is India’s Leading Social Media HR Influencers.  He was earlier Director - Talent Branding at Flipkart - India's number one e-commerce firm.  He is a subject matter expert in the HR and Social Media area. Gautam’s blog has been listed by HR World amongst the top 25 HR blogs worldwide and also amongst the Career 100 - a list of the top 100 career-related blogs globally in the English language. His blog  featured in the all top careers and all top India categories. Earlier the blog has been featured as a case study in the book Business Blogs: A Practical Guide (Source- LinkedIn). He is not typical, but his understanding of social media in HR and recruitment qualifies him to be one of the success stories.?


1. Jeffrey C. Taylor:-

One day at the dawn of the World Wide Web, a “monster of an idea came to Jeffrey Taylor’s at 4:30 AM. He got so worked up about it that he was compelled to do a run to the coffee shop to figure it all out.   This big idea was “” - today, the most significant job search engine in the recruitment world. Despite a lot of naysayers, went on to become one of the pioneer dot-com companies, and today it is one of the leading career websites in the world.

Jeff remains a maverick at heart though. Today, he is a DJ. Infant, he also went on to create (think Facebook, for baby boomers), (listing the latest national and local obituaries), and Deep Snow, Eons Boom Media, Some credit for his success can go the power of the internet.

2. Rony Kahan and Paul Forster:-

Starting out as a tiny competitor to, Rony Kahan and Paul Forster started recruitment company in Austin, Texas. Today, has become the most popular job site in the world. 

After the initial failure in 1999 to raise money for their first website; Rony and Paul founded in November of 2004. Since 2007, the company has become highly profitable, getting around 80 million unique visitors per month today. currently has 600+ employees with 175 employees stationed at its Austin headquarters. is unique in that it offers an amalgamation of all the jobs posted on the internet. They focus primarily on providing a job seeker friendly search engine with a clean interface and a simple user flow so that job seekers can get the most relevant, comprehensive and exciting job search results for themselves.

3. Robert Hohman:-

Robert Hohman is the CEO of Glassdoor - a marketplace for recruiters and for people looking to find a job. Robert started out as a development manager at Microsoft Corporation. With Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in computer science from Stanford and his successful stints at Expedia and Hotwire as the  Senior Vice President and the President respectively, Robert has vast industry experience under his belt. One of the original team members of Expedia, Robert is a Glassdoor Director, ex-board member of OpenTable (acquired by Priceline) and current member of U.S. Economic Development Administration's National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (NACIE). 

Glassdoor sets itself apart from his competition by offering user-generated reviews of what working for a particular company is like. Things like pay and benefits can compare to competing employers and also job seekers can see a specific CEO has a high approval rating among employees.

In just a decade, Glassdoor has established a firm hold in today’s talent economy. Posting more than 10 million company reviews, salary reports, interviews, and benefit reviews, Glassdoor sits on a goldmine of data that gives the company and its audience (employers and job seekers) valuable insight into the current labor market. In the end, such analytics and precision lead to a better employer-candidate fit.

4. Rob McGovern:-

Rob McGovern’s story is one of determination, resilience, and triumph against overwhelming odds. Rob is most commonly known as the founder and CEO of The idea for the site came to him literally while sitting on the beach and ultimately grew into one of the largest internet job service platforms of its time. 

Rob is a serial entrepreneur - but he is also passionate about helping other people. His latest idea, Cobrain, a mobile application that leverages distributed intelligence to help individuals make better decisions. The inspiration for this app came to Rob as a result of an accident resulting in a severe brain injury where he was in a coma for weeks. The doctors had given up hope saying that he would remain in his vegetative state and very little could be done to help him recover. However, right to his entrepreneurial spirit, Rob overcame the tremendous odds and went on to inspire an entire generation of young entrepreneurs.

5. Steven Rothberg:-

Steven was an entrepreneurial spirit from an early age. He started selling candy during math class and went on to run a massive fancy hockey league in college. After graduate school, his passion turned to more productive pastures. Steven went on to start the business that would one day become

Steven is the visionary behind the success of College Recruiter. He helps create and define the company's strategy and business development. Today there are about 15,000 job boards targeting candidates in the US.

When candidates see a job posted to College Recruiter, they have the option to go straight to the application page and then the employer’s website to apply. 

Candidate experience is at the forefront of their recruitment efforts, and unlike other competitors, Rothberg and his team are passionate about candidate and recruiter experience. They want to reduce the steps between first-contact and hiring so that clients and candidates don't have to click from one website to another looking for what they need.

6. Mike Taylor:-

After working for 12 years in HR and recruitment for major blue-chip companies-IBM, Motorola, and Nokia, Mike went on to create Web Based Recruitment in 2001. He had a combined online recruitment experience of 14 years and established Web Based Recruitment as an independent consultancy helping companies with all their recruiting endeavors.

Mike Taylor is the managing director of Web-Based Recruitment, and in February 2016, Mike launched JOBS radio. This is the U.K.'s first job-related Internet radio station offering a brand-new way for candidates to access advice, information, and vacancies by featuring industry experts, authors, and recruiters.

Mike is a veteran at implementing online video strategies and recruitment events. He is also the mastermind behind the Social Media in Recruitment Conference and the Mobile and Video in Recruitment Conference. Starting in 2009, he also went on to run the successful 2013 2013 joint Social Media in Recruitment and Mobile Recruitment Conferences.

In this section, we shall explore success stories of social recruiting to understand who and how of what these recruitment influencers have done to achieve new highest of social recruiting success. This chapter shall discuss some of the top names in social recruiting according to LinkedIn for the year 2017.You can follow them to know more about the strategies they apply for social recruiting.