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Social Networking: A new perspective on Recruitment

“It’s important for people to talk and get beyond the wall of Facebook and social media.”

-Billy Corgan

Now when someone talks about social networking, one visualizes social media networking platforms. Though it has been a boon for recruiters, the flip side is that they are losing Personal connect with clients and candidates, which is bound to impact the long-term success of social recruiter.

Recruiters have to go beyond the four walls of social media platform and network. It is also promoting laziness in the current bread of social recruiters, as they do not believe in going out of office space for the network, they are very comfortable networking online.

Also for social recruiters just remaining hooked to social media platform can have the adverse effect on short-term memory. It also can make you forget time discipline as time flies when you are on social platforms. They must take care of time discipline. Also, fix the time when you must switch off from social media platforms and engage with teams in office or clients and candidates meeting which help you refresh yourselves.

Recent researches suggest that unstructured use of social platforms is an enormous risk for mental and physical health. Some amount of balance in using it is advisable.

Change for some time the ways we connect with friends, family, and neighbours outside the realm of social platforms, phones, and video calling. Meet them in person.

Still, for a lot of social projects, social recruiters need to go on site to hire as the prospective candidates may not have smartphone and access to the internet. So still some part of overall recruitment is driven in rest of the world countries that has one on one connection. The US and Europe it is moving more toward complete penetration of mobile and internet, wherein the whole game of recruitment steps to social media platform more and more.

Social Networking is also driven by the behaviour of a recruiter whether he or she is naturally inclined towards going out for a meeting or wants to remain hooked to online options.