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Social Branding Strategies – Employer

What is Branding? 

Where there is the talk of using social media to promote your company or client, a conversation about branding is essential. Branding is not just a glamorous buzzword. Branding has become an absolute necessity today to shape your identity professionally and personally in the online world.

The entire thought process for how recruiters should approach their branding on social media described in detail in the topic on “Branding Guidelines for Social Recruiters.”

Branding in the world of Social Recruitment by Employers:-

•  Employer Branding:-

Let us try an exercise. The next time you go out in public for work, social gatherings or even a professional development activity, look around and pick someone at random. Ask them what they think it's like to work at Google. What is their response? What do you think it is like to work at Google? Maybe the word innovative will pop up. 

Or perhaps the phrase fun or cutting edge or collaborative will come as the answer. You know what's crazy? In all likelihood, you or your friend have never worked at Google! So, how did you get that idea that it will be fun or cutting edge to work at Google? The answer is simple: Employer branding.

• The Purpose of Employer Branding:-

To position your brand and execute a successful branding strategy you need to-

Create a sense of urgency and excitement about the position you are posting about on various platforms.

Give candidates compelling reasons to join you.

Take your current employees’ experiences into account.

Play to the future employees’ dreams, aspirations, and ideas of their ideal workplace.

Highlight your company's values and organizational culture.

Get people engaged in a conversation about your employer brand.

As you can see, employer branding certainly has a lot of benefits. It helps you attract the right people to your organization that has the prerequisite skills and attitudes to fit in and be productive members of your organization.

How to Manage an Employer Brand:-

• Build an attractive proposition. The very first thing that you want to do is to build a solid value proposition that would define exactly the kind of people that you are looking for, the benefits and features that you offer, the balance of what you are providing against what they are expected to contribute. 

• Keep it real. While building a brand strategy and value proposition, keep in mind that these changes are not just on paper. 

• Build culturally from inside-out. On the same note as above, you want to structure your entire organization on the branding premise that you have created. If you have designed a value-based community from the very beginning, this exercise should not involve too much overhaul. 

Conduct rigorous internal marketing. As we saw above, you want to come true to your brand promise in a patient, facilitative manner.

Focus on internal aspects, and the people are already working for you by making sure that they are happy and fulfilling the duties they're expected to fulfill. 

Help them grow within your organization. Doing this will turn your employees into ambassadors and help you create long-term employee referral programs that help your future recruitment efforts.