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Recruitment trends in 2017

2016 witnessed some of the major changes around the globe- Demonetization, GST, Election of Trump, Brexit – with the effects being observed even at the end of the 1st quarter of 2017. The effects and repercussions of these major changes will even be observed throughout 2017 also

According to the survey, India enjoyed a good year despite the economic slowdowns and was largely unaffected. India had continued influx of foreign direct investment (FDI) under the flagship program of Indian Government ‘Make In India’. The survey of more than 80% employers revealed that the hiring process will be stronger in the year 2017. According to the LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends 2017, hiring volume in India will grow by 76%. 

Pharma Recruitment Trends

According to the reports, Indian Pharma Sector is expected to experience double-digit growth. Numerous Pharma companies are expected to see an upward trend in hiring across the numerous roles. It is expected that 2017 will create approximately 10% more jobs as compared to 2016.

Pharma companies are looking to hire professional senior consultants and eliminate external consultant, hence thereby reducing the costs. With the increase in the demand of ‘go-to-market’ professionals, Pharma companies are looking for alternate channels to reach the target customer base. 

Finance Recruitment Trends

The financial service sector is expected to register strong growth according to India Today Report. Numerous banking and financial firms are putting in more efforts to strengthen their digital banking and research teams. Post demonetization, fin-tech, and mobile-banking services have seen the surge in demand. Financial recruitment in 2017 will register three to four-fold growths. 

Manufacturing Recruitment Trends

With the push to the ‘Make In India’ campaign, India is expected to become the fifth largest manufacturing country in 2020. GoI aims at contributing manufacturing output to 25% of GDP by 2025.Several corporations including Apple, Coco Coal, Amway, Panasonic, Zopo, Huawei among other have participated. With India being an attractive destination for FDI and the thrust on development and manufacturing in India, this sector will see growth in 2017. Hereby, opening the gateway to recruitment.

Retail Recruitment Trends

According to IBEF report, Indian retail industry’s net sales is significant among the emerging nations. India is ranked third after China and Brazil. Indian retail industry is seen as a high-growth industry with a market size to double to USD 1 Trillion in 2020 from USD 600 Billion in 2015. India’s direct selling industry is also expected t register growth of USD 3.54 Billion by 2020. This growth will increase demand for the professionals with an experience in planning and execution experience across various verticals.

What Next?

2017 will be a promising year for recruitment industry with more than 60% of the companies across various sectors looking to add their headcount with a focus on middle management jobs. Like always, attraction and retention of the talent will be a focus for recruiters with 79% of employers focusing on structuring the growth and progress paths. Do not miss any opportunities in 2017 and make a right career shift now!