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Recruitment lessons from Baba Ramdev

Born as Ramkrishna Yadav, his journey to becoming Baba Ramdev was nothing like happened before in the Branding World.  We see Patanjali store at every length and breadth of India. No doubt, Baba Ramdev proved the importance of hard work, dedication and determination.

Placement agencies are the one who helps professionals; in connecting dots of their career. Human resource department is responsible for attracting the top talent in the industry. They have to be diligent and spontaneous.  Here are few enlightening recruitment lessons, we can learn from Baba Ramdev:

Build Trust in your recruitment industry

Baba Ramdev is insightful; he talks about real problems. Being in the professional of a recruiter, you should observe the current scenario of the employees. The insights can give rise to some ideas to pitch the candidate.  

Advertising the jobs

A recruiter should use all mediums of advertising and marketing. In today’s era, you should know how to leverage every medium; traditional method, email marketing, social media marketing, cold-calling etc.


Baba Ramdev has walked on streets and roads to do thorough research of the market. You should be aware of innovation or any buzzing trend about recruitment industry. Observation, insights and feedback will help you to write chapters of a new change in your profession.

Understand ideology of candidate

Baba knows the day to day problem of his customers, he observes, works and offers Patanjali product with great confidence. Do a thorough research on the background of the candidate. Check his Facebook profile, LinkedIn profile or Instagram handle. Check his online behaviour and see what kind of person he is.


Be disciplined and patient

 The rules and principles of Baba Ramdev made him win loyal customers.  A recruiter should be completely loyal, committed and trustworthy. Never pass a bad word to other people in the market, if the candidate gets rejected.

Use word of mouth

Word of mouth can be anything; you can network at various places, attend conferences or events, stalk the candidate on social media. When you are networking, take as many references as possible.

This will not only help in grabbing the right candidate but other business opportunities also.

Offer variety (options)

From grocery to beauty products; from evening snacks to health supplements. Baba Ramdev is offering everything, with the promise of every quality and high quantity.

Tell story

A recruiter should pitch the candidate like the job opportunity can change his or her life. Tell the job description like a story and be generous. This effort will pay you building your reputation in the human resources and management.

All said and done; recruitment process should be latest to the human resource functions. Learn how to create your brand in the human resource management, so get in touch with us now!