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New Trends in Future Recruitment

Recruitment Data Analytics

As the current recruitment has changed, to just manually go through the profiles and social network data will not be enough. Specialized analytic programs will be designed by companies to maintain and manage the candidate data. Such data analytics would also help recruiters to source passive candidates in less amount of time. 

Video Resumes:-

The trend of using video resumes can become a regular practice, and in fact, it may replace the trend of using physical CVS or digital resumes. With the help of Video Resume, you can understand the candidate more clearly and have a complete understanding if he/she will be suitable for the particular job requirement. With their professional experience, qualifications, and achievements, you can also know about their body language, confidence, and many other aspects. 

Use of Smart-Phones for Recruitment:-

Even today a large number of recruiters are using smartphones, on the other hand, the candidates also respond faster with the use of smartphones and internet access. There are already many smartphone applications made for recruitment. And in future recruiters may use only smartphones for hiring. 

E-Commerce platforms /websites for Recruitment

As the recruitment industry trends are changing and developing towards the digital front. We can also expect that just like the E-Commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, OLX, etc. There can be E-Commerce website for Recruitment as well.  Where Recruiters will play the role of selling, Candidates play the role of product and clients will play the role of Buyers. Some such concept might be introduced. Who knows someone is working on Amazon of Recruitment types.


People who will be satisfied with their on-going jobs and still would have time to work more would get into freelancing and tie-up with recruitment firms or recruiters for roles like graphic designer, content writer, search engine optimization experts, photography, etc. This will save time and cost for recruiters and be another source of income for such freelancers. 

Increase in Social Media Recruitment

Recruiters will invest more time and efforts in social media recruitment. Also, they would train themselves and learn all the required technologies and programs related to making the social media recruitment more productive. 

Changing Landscape of Social Networking 

The physical element of social recruitment is changing fast as majority prefers to connect through online with business, social network. I think very soon the limitation of a non-physical aspect of recruitment shall change to more one of one join as certain aspects of human connect cannot happen online or beyond a stage in any case you have no choice but to meet some in person.

Adopting new technology

As you can see every day new technologies are getting into the market and disruptive the whole game without any early warning. This puts you in a massive pressure of keeping up with new technologies.

Recruitment through mobile technology

Accordingly to recent research in the US, almost 40 % of people search Jobs on their mobile device and this trend is only growing by the day.

Social Media audit a Must

A lot of organizations now have started realizing that free for all approach is deadly for the organization and individual productivity. We must have a mechanism to build processes and definitions which shall do the social audit and at what time frame and how. As a social recruiter one has to keep introspecting whether one is using or abusing social platforms.

Transparency and credibility of information

Any social recruiters will face this challenge to build a perception in the minds of followers that the information you are sharing is correct and reliable. Today we have a lot of social platforms where things get viral without any check.

Understanding of cyber laws

Now when a social recruiters entire body of work in online, this is of enormous necessity to safeguard oneself from putting your data and IP at risk.

Keeping a close watch on trends

It is of great importance for a social recruiter to keep a close watch on latest trends. For example – Once upon a time Orkut was the rage, and it has disappeared. So if you have invested your time and money on Orkut, it goes waste. So it is very critical to strategies social recruitment based on what is as on date trend.

The possible negatives of Social Platforms

Some of the images which may define how it may impact the future growth of social platforms are – Validity of information shared by clients, candidates, and influencers based of which you decide selection and absorption of data. Online behavior may not give insights into the real person all the times. No legal binding on anyone if the hiring decision of social recruiter goes terribly. Privacy can be a prominent victim of you being in the eyes of all your prospective stakeholders and sometimes based on what posted online, can create a perception which may not be accurate. You are also not sure sometimes whether the content by someone if you have used, can land you then trouble. More and more anti-Social elements are using Social Media and social networking to hire thereby creating a massive risk to young minds.

Influence of Social Networking Associations

They are going to be a force in future. Just imagine if all Facebook community members meet on a given day, half of the humanity would be part of that event. Such is the vast influence these platforms can have; the danger is that these social platforms can use this power to influence the individual decision in their favor. Future of global online communities is bright if it used constructively. It only tells that, social recruiters should be a part of all these communities. 

Organising Data online a must

Social recruiter’s lot of data is not with the,m but with the platforms; they associated. It is but natural to organize data a for comfortable and productive usage. Data Management understanding and learning is the key.

The social game can change any time soon

Shall share this with an example, how many of you know that Twitter has more job seekers then LinkedIn? 

More than 15% of hiring happens through Twitter -

For who knows the power of it.

Traditionally LinkedIn is used for professional networking. Like this imagine a situation more and more people start using Twitter for recruitment leading to a mass exodus from LinkedIn can be a massive disruption. So someone who has invested the last couple of year in developing networking on LinkedIn may lose out in the game. Another example – Suppose tomorrow we have another better social platform then Facebook, this can lead to significant disruption in this space.

Our communication Model is waiting for a massive change on the way:-

We have over last few years that communication model has changed dramatically. Writing letters and sending it by courier is a big no now with the power of social platforms where without picking your pen, you can start writing non-stop.

Some of the trends in social communication are:

Communication is more spontaneous.

No of the letter restricted as we have in Twitter (140 words), in a way Twitter has taught us how to be very crisp and specific in our communication.

You can connect and communicate with a large number of people at the same time across the world.

No hold bar kind of no filter communication where be ready for anything coming your way, whether you like it or not.

One on one communication replaced with every 10 min going back to your mobile device to check your social platforms.

People use a lot of short form of expression like “FB” (Facebook), “Insta” (Instagram), etc.