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Instagram success stories - Indian brands

Instagram is a visual marketing platform that focuses on allocating its users’ content based on three crucial factors: interests, timeliness, and relationship. Brands must continually review and regulate their Instagram strategies to be exceptional. This means sharing finer content, keeping the users engaged and keeping abreast of the platform alterations. 

Brands are going the extra mile to create content that is veritable, relevant and interesting to spread quickly and be a big hit. We know that Social Media Marketing is not going anywhere is highly unlikely to be less important anytime soon. So, brands are doing all they can to come up with unique posts and might need some motivation to keep their creative spirit soaring high. 

Read on for some inspiration from these Indian brands acing their Instagram Marketing game.



Amongst the best thought of fashion brands in India, Sabyasachi is pre-eminent for providing the bride with an experience beyond her wildest dreams. They are able to win hearts with their elite designs and traditional themes. They have more than 4 million followers on Instagram which shows how renowned they are as an Indian fashion brand.  They know how to make the most of a happy customer.  Sabyasachi frequently features its blissful customers on its Instagram page.  This helps them gain more followers. Sabyasachi also believes in getting influential figures on board. As the influencers have their own loyal fan base, Sabyasachi gets more followers.



Chumbak started as a souvenir store and is known for its bright colors, funky prints and pieces of art. ‘Chumbak’ means Magnet. We all, at a younger age, found magnets we got from old gadgets or from a broken toy, to be very interesting and this curiosity made magnets a whole lot captivating. Chumbak is famous for its funky printed pieces of art. The brand’s Instagram account never fails to magnetize the users. The products are splendid and immediately capture attention. Chumbak specializes in utilizing the power of user-generated content UGC. They recently launched a campaign that focused on its followers designing a cup based on a particular theme. They also showcase their products in a very creative way and thus make their photos seem interesting. 


House of Turquoise

House of Turquoise, a footwear brand based out of Ahmedabad, was founded in 2010, creating shoe designs that complement Indian attire with the help of artisans hidden in smaller towns. They have a very summer style funky Instagram profile just like their products. They believe in keeping their profile all about their products and use very attention-grabbing pictures of bright colorful designs. They also like to share pictures of happy customers and thus give their page a cheerful look.   


Pure Ghee Designs

Pure Ghee Designs is a Delhi based accessory brand that creates textile bags and various home accessories, crafted from unusual fabrics sourced during travels to the far off corners of the country. They post customer testimonial videos on their Instagram page from satisfied buyers that affirm the value of their products. Their Instagram profile shows that they know their products and their target market very clearly.

-Ishani Singh