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If you implement technology with lower level resources and no vision of future in mind- the tech will fail you 100% of the time” -  Jason Averbook – A leading HR consultant, analyst, and keynote speaker.

Yes, like every other field, technology plays an important role in building Human Resources of an organization. But, the question is: To what extent?

The majority of the companies have lost out on the opportunity which rapid technology growth had offered.  Like any other field, HR organizations also need technology to survive. Research shows that by 2020, 75% of the workforce will be Millennials. With no option left, embracing technology is the way forward even for HR organizations.


The internet and social media have changed how recruitment is done. HR professionals no longer wait for candidates to find them. The times when an organization would place an advertisement in the paper and wait for candidates have gone. HR professionals are now new marketers. They are the salesman of the organizations. Building strong employer’s brand – both online and offline, is the way ahead. The future belongs to those organizations who skillfully market their brand to both – the customers and quality employees.


It is said training helps organizations build their competitive edge in the market. Technology enabled learnings can be a more effective tool. It is not about the technology. But, it is about what is delivered and how it is delivered. A poorly designed training module will not yield desired results. But, a practical training module coupled with technology can yield remarkable results in employee training. With technology-based employee training gaining popularity, they can even provide the ability to measure the performances. Technology-enabled training reduces the training costs, builds an effective and efficient learning environment, and contributes to the greater business goals.

Big Data Analytics

Talent acquisition is no more about following your gut-feel. But, it is about using strategic insights and latest trends in order to find the ‘best-fit’. With the help of big data analytics, the right comparison between salaries, talent availability, and the competition can be concluded. From validating decisions to streamlining operations – Big Data is the next best friend of HR professionals. Helping HR professionals understand why some employees are more successful than others, a pre-hiring survey can be made. An access to the power of big data provides them meaningful insights helping them to take the meaningful decisions.

Cloud Computing

Cloud – not everyone understands its potential and benefits, especially for HR professionals. With an easy access to innovation, cloud-based software lets important updates to be delivered to both – employees and HR team. Access to every piece of information is just a click away with cloud. With profound impact on the businesses and people, it helps HR teams to become more flexible.

Make that shift now!!!

Most companies we see around have not made the shift yet. Human Resources are sure to explode with technology by the side. The impact of technology on HR is massive. From better insights to greater transparency, technological impacts are hard to ignore.