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I love my job but my manager is not supportive. What to do?

You love your job and get six digit salary pay-checks. You are that ‘Happy-face” professional, who doesn’t bother to work even to work on the weekends for your organisation. And no doubt, you will tell everyone around you that your job is your passion. Job change is not in your dictionary and everything is going absolutely incredible in Life.  

But, unfortunately, one day you encounter with a non-supportive manager.  It is absolutely not joyful to work with the person you are not comfortable with. The reason for disliking the manager can be anything. For example, ego trips, bullying or not matchable wavelength with the boss. This kind of situation can create complications, confusions and can also lead to depression.  You love your job but don’t work whole-heartedly.


6 Tips to handle situations with non-supportive manager:

1.Try to adapt:  Look where the problem is and resolve the issues.  See the things from different angles. Keep this in mind that at the end of the day, you will have to keep your egos aside. Express your interests, listen to what he/she says, it might enhance odds of winning his/her heart. Try to match with their preferences and working styles.


2.Seek out mentor’s advice: The mentors, counselors or professional experts can help you to find the best solutions out of this complicated situation. Try to go into the details of the issues you are facing. Have a brainstorming session with your family and friends.


3.Have a practical approach: Be honest with yourself and don’t frame your manager as the foolish head. You are supposed to maintain your reputation in the market. Take every step maturely and carefully and don’t hold back old grudges. You should still focus on doing a good job.


4.Be communicative: Be respectful. The manager should know what are doing, on which meeting you are going out.  If you will not communicate properly, then you are doing wrong for yourself. Cultivate a habit of keeping your boss in the loop of every activity.


5.Don’t be afraid: Your career growth is in your hands and you should never allow someone to play with your self-respect. Use your resourcefulness and determination towards success. There comes a time in life when you can’t avoid some situations.


“There are a lot of bad managers out there”- Annie McKee, founder of the Teleos Leadership Institute


Stay proactive: Leverage your professional connections.  Get in touch with your recruiter friends and seek for more job options. The recruitment consultancy of India is working around the clock to offer best recruitment services. You should take the call before your boss puts the pink slip on the table.


Keep Quiet, the sharper you will get, the less you will speak. Don’t react if you receive comments from your office colleagues, one wrathful behavior with the manager can create big trouble for you. Take your time and then go for the final decision after trying every possible solution to the problem. You can leave everything by calling it off as a bad experience or take stand for the love and passion you highly regard for your job. Find something to respect!