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How to work from home (For freelancers)

“A house is full of sleep, memories, and lived life. It is a place we associate with free time, with not working.”- Chris Moss

Work from home looks like “Wow! This is Life”. With more globalisation, many multinational companies like ICICI, Big ideas, Big Pharma jobs etc. are happy to associate with “work from home” employees.

When you don’t have to pay for fuel, you don’t have to get ready for the office and face all the uncertainties while stepping into the office. Life looks beautiful when you have to work on your relaxing sofa with a steaming cup of coffee in the right arm. Gradually, you become your boss.

But, at the same page working from home and reaching the deadlines is a challenging also. You have to prove your efficiency, contribution and presence in the office. Let’s dive into some useful tips to stay motivated for work at home:

Structure your day

Be clear about your working hours. You should create a plan that at what time you have to start working and finish. Create your work zone in the house. Never create a space where you can sleep easily. If possible, you can also join at co-working spaces in your town. At co-working spaces, you will get meet new people and freelancers. 


Please avoid making your body desk-shaped. Spend 30 minutes every day on your body. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Take a very good care of your body and mental health. Drink lots of water, eat right and avoid junk food. 


Go-out every day

If you continuously work and don’t go out, you will start feeling lonely and stop enjoying your work. Go out for socialising and parties to keep your mind fresh and reinstated.

Be Communicative

Talk to your boss and teammates several times a day. Connect with your employees on LinkedIn and Facebook. Be online on slack, hey should know you are working with them only. Get in person with co-workers.  Don’t miss the chance of going to the office parties. Join LinkedIn professional groups and keep yourself updated with latest trends in your industry.  

SMART Formula

Complete your tasks which are Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. Read self- help books and blogs. Utilize your perks of working from home and shoot your efficiency at the best you can offer to your company. 

Dress up

Don’t get in pajama’s and start working immediately the moment you wake up. Get up, meditate and complete your morning routine by setting a productive tone for the whole day. Dress up like you are going to the office and start working on your time. Follow the structure you have created for the day.

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