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How to stand out for an appointment letter from the sea of applicants????

Companies want to hire people who are not only efficient 9-5 professionals. They want to hire top talents for their company, who are also able to save companies money. They hire because of their requirements. They want to grow. They want to flourish. 

Personal branding and positioning is a unique factor. The difficult part of your personal branding sounds with your originality. Let’s discover on how to earn next invite for the next meeting; by painting your originality with beautiful colours of a cover letter, arresting subject line, keywords, positive body language etc. Here we go: 

Sell yourself from cover letter: It is one of the most important parts of a job interview and first description about you before the resume. The cover letter should not be more than a page. Use KISS(Keep it short and simple) method. Read about the company and include some facts in your cover letter. Be a good storyteller and discover unique styles of writing cover letter.

Spice up that Resume: Read the job description carefully and organize each part of your resume of what the job will entail. Frame your skills. Avoid writing long sentences, typos, punctuation mistakes and other grammatical mistakes. The various online tools to make your resume are,,   to build a professional CV or portfolio. Become an interesting job candidate.

Those keywords:  Use powerful keywords in the resume. The words which you will write in your resume will reflect your professional values.  For example; Solution, Team leader, Support, Practical, Passion, Win etc. Learn more about your industrial keywords and jargons for both conversating and writing. And, yes your word choice matters in the business society.

Mind your Social media behaviour:  Write a good bio on all social media platforms. Use a professional profile picture on Linkedin. Delete the irrelevant content from Facebook. Your social media will influence your image, behaviour and attitude.

Become an innovative thinker:  When you apply for a job, begin with the critical thinking in mind. Try to think like company; that what they will see and choose in you. Don’t have vague and uncertain assumptions. Think in advance and position yourself to attract more for the next interview. 

Be honest with your self-analysis: Be able to draw a fine line between boasting and confidence. Honesty during the job interview will help you to give your best outcome for the job. Self-analysis is not only about highlighting your positive skill sets, but negative too.

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