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How to Become A Cybersecurity Thought Leader?

A Cybersecurity Thought leaders are defined as informed leaders who are experts in their respective fields. They are leaders we aspire to be like, people we would like to become.

What are some essential thought leader qualities?

•A thought leader should be passionate and expert about their area of expertise. 

•They should be curious to learn new things.

•It’s vital for thought leaders to be humble and caring. 

•They should be prepared to collaborate 

•Be ready to learn from mistakes.

As a thought leader, It is essential you choose an area of expertize?

•Cybersecurity as a career field has various no. of specialties.

• To develop the skills of a Cybersecurity thought leader, so start with an area you are already working in it. 

•This doesn’t mean you must be an encyclopedia of information about that area, just that you should have enough knowledge to speak about it intelligently.

•It should also interest you, and you should know how to educate yourself as it matures.

• This goes back to my statement about having passion -- if you don’t have it, no one is going to view you as a thought leader.Now, with your list and your focused areas of expertise, let's publish something.

What are some venues or publications friendly to new thought leaders?

•For writing, begin by writing a couple of articles for social media or community websites, and ask readers for their responses. Also, read books, articles, blogs, etc. and use those resources to create a list of sites to target for publishing.

•For speaking, start with local professional groups within your area of expertise. 

•Once you're comfortable speaking, apply to speak at larger conferences. 

•The lesson here is to start small. 

•Look to the websites and magazines you are currently reading for publication opportunities and local professional groups for presenting. 

•This allows you to fine-tune how you deliver information based on your audience and then move to larger venues when you're ready.

How do thought leaders develop relevant content?

Once you start publishing or speaking, it will be a constant ordeal to create new material. I use a notes app on my phone, and I’m always jotting down ideas to myself on new subjects, rants about issues or ideas from friends. Periodically, I rank the ideas:

•Ideas I can quickly write about.

•Ideas that will take research.

•Ideas that are the ravings of a squirrel.

Being a Cybersecurity thought leader is the biggest opportunity in various ways it can be hard work, staying updated on topics and educating yourself on new issues and technologies. However, Remember that it takes time because you have to build a level of trust and credibility with your community.