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Hack your job on weekends – The Job Hunting Strategies

“This is the beginning of anything you want”

We wait for the right job to be created for us and then fight the competition to grab it. We use newspapers, job portals, consultants to find the job ‘created’ for you. The result: we are still in the queue of searching the ‘right’ job for us!

The biggest dilemma of millennial is to figure out ‘where to start from?’. This makes them a part of never ending race of ‘job search’.

With weekends around the corner, we decided to give you another aspect of finding your ‘right job’.

Career Aspirations

Your job search is the most important project you will ever work on. Why? Our professions are entangled with all the aspects of our life which define us- It makes us who we are.

So, obviously, the first step is to understand your own career goals. If you want to go where the tide takes you, then there are N numbers of jobs available in the market. But, if you want to make your own mark then you need to know where you are headed to; where you want to go despite the job title. Not being clear at this juncture can be catastrophic to your career and job search efforts.

Acting as your guiding light, this would let you apply for the jobs where your passion and dreams coincide. Define what describes your profession and what at what level of the corporate ladder you wish to apply to. Find suitable keywords to make different combinations during the job search.

Taking the right direction

With only fewer job postings out on the weekend, why not make it the best time to move ahead of your competitions? Utilizing the best of the search tools, make sure that you don’t miss any recent job postings. 

Most often, we need to create the job we wish to work for. Your network is your biggest asset. Incorporate LinkedIn and leverage your network in this process. This is not easy. You need to be very proactive in your search, networking, and building relationships. Why? Your potential recruiter needs to see your worth. Some opportunities are not listed on the job boards. In fact, they are to be created.

What best time than a weekend to start networking? Connect with the right people who work in the company where you wish to work with. Use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Read their background. Know what they are talking about. Build relationships!

Social media is now not just another way to find the job – it has become an essential way of finding the job.

Quality, not Quantity

Quality always supersedes quantity. Stop applying for the jobs which are not close to what you wish for. Regular job boards and listing sites will publish numerous jobs. According to Next Avenue, job boards are least effective medium to find a right job. Instead, use aggregators for your niche to make things simple for you. 

Your story - Resume

No, don’t hear what they say about the death of resume. It is still an important part of the process. Make it short yet brief. Format it to make it easily readable. According to Forbes, a resume is typically scanned in mere 6 to 10 seconds.

You can create impact by using the right keywords, facts, and figures. Instead of saying ‘Increased sales’ say ‘Increased sales by 80%’. Your CV or resume need not be a one or two-page document. A lot of applicants are now supplementing it with portfolios, videos, and leadership collaterals.

You can use tools like,, to build a professional CV or portfolio.


You are ready to go. Don’t forget to track your efforts and always send a thank you note to the mail you received.

P.S: Job search is itself a job, but with a proper strategy, you can become a “JOB SEARCH WARRIOR”.