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Career Advice: Will career break hamper my career growth?

When one hears about the term ‘Career Break’ or ‘Career Sabbatical’, they tend to think about the break due to ‘Pregnancy’. Career breaks are more than that.  Yes, maternity leave is a kind of a career break – but I have come across numerous female professionals who joined their respective jobs soon after their maternity leave.

Family, heath, education, travel, or mid-life crisis – whatever the reason is: a career break or sabbatical possess different challenges for different people. It surely does make recruiters apprehensive about a candidate. Then, what is the solution?

Know yourself

Before heading back to the job market, ask yourself are you ready to move out of your comfort zone? What kind of job you are looking for? A lot must have changed during your career break. This is the right time to ask yourself what are your interests? You may not want to work in the same field again. Why not utilize this opportunity for the career shift?

Up to the date

Yes, you have been out of the job market for some time now. But, that should not keep you away from the latest trends in your domain. A recruiter wants a candidate who is abreast with the latest trends and skills. Hence, it is a good idea to stay connected with your field during the break.


Leaving a job doesn’t mean that you need to cut off from your network. In fact, networking will help you discover newer opportunities when required. Along with that when you decide to look for an opportunity after a career break, these contacts and network would help you in giving right references as well.


It is said attitudes are contagious – Make sure yours is worth catching.

No matter what the reason behind the break, make sure you take the questions asked by a recruiter with a positive attitude.  It is a fact that Indian job market is not ready to handle career breaks – even today in the 21st century. For women, a career break means maternity leave or higher education. For men, it simply means higher education. Anything more than this is not acceptable among the vast majority of the recruiters.  That is why; your right attitude and confidence would play a vital role.

A career sabbatical may affect your growth plans only as much as you let it to!

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