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Career Advice: Unhappy with the job?

Sometimes you must be feeling appreciated, somewhere you must be having the feeling of being left out. You must be feeling that the job what you are doing is only worth to pay your bill. Every morning, you will be having disturbing thoughts of being stuck in a wrong job, experiencing an anxiety and dissatisfaction. The reason of being unhappy at work can be anything for example office politics, bullying by peers, unsophisticated boss or you are not enjoying what you are doing.

This situation of being in dilemma of the professional life can make you or mar you. It can be a tough time. The truth is nobody amongst us love the core part of our jobs. It is better to change the perception about your job or change your job. It is you who has to decide that how you define the half empty glass whether it is half full or half filled with air.


Try to follow these advices:

1.      Try to develop a plan and do a job search.

2.      Do a thorough research on the leading recruitment company in India, which will help you to know about various new firms/companies that have entered the market recently.

3.      Follow recruitment professionals on the social media channels. It will help you to keep a good tab on the new emerging trends in the recruitment sector.

4.      For attaining more clarity upon the thought of job change, you can also go for brainstorming sessions over a cup of coffee with your professional friends on whom you trust. They will help you to paint the picture of what you can change and what you can’t.

5.      The recruitment companies can help you to start a new journey if you wondering to create a big shift in your career.

6.      LinkedIn is a great social media platform for professionals. Stay active on it. On LinkedIn, you can connect online with various recruiters of the company or they can also connect with you.  Start LinkedIn blogging. It will help you to attain great recognition online. Keep your LinkedIn profile updated and mention your core professional skills. The topic of the blog can be related to your work life experience or you can share your learnings, insights, and experiences.

7.      Inculcate reading habit in yourself which will keep your creative juices flowing. Books feed the brain and help to learn about various insights in the business-driven society.  There are various self-help books available like ‘Man’s search for meaning’ written by Viktor Frankl;  ‘Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t written by Jim Collins; ‘True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership written by  Bill George.

8.      You should have clarity in your mind first that why you are switching towards the new job. It should not effect on your reputation in the market.

9.      Don’t try to change the job overnight, take every step carefully.

10.  Also, try to seek some help or advice of some senior professional in your company.

11.  Start a new job by keeping same professionalism in your current company.


Never forget it is always a way out. The changing of job can be pioneering step for start loving what you do and follow your passion.  Learn a new skill every day, brush up new skills and grow professionally. At the end of every day, you should be celebrating in your professional world with your inner voice.