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My Company is not paying the salary timely but I love my job - it is my passion. What should I do?

Nowadays the most common advice parted by everyone around with regards to the work is something like 'Follow your Dreams' 'Do what you love' and other such similar phrases. Though chasing your dreams and creating a value with something that you love is a great thing but it is not always the best thing to do. Perhaps, it might be safe to say that is some cases it is the worst possible advice ever. The phrase 'work towards your passion' was more prominent in the 70's since there was a lot of a scope to improvise, expand the boundaries and find new ways to earn money. Though some of these things are still valid today, not working for your passion if it does not earn you enough money is not 'uncool'. In this constant need of following the trend, a lot of people keep on switching the jobs and hence it results in no stability and job satisfaction.  

This does not mean that one must give up on their dreams but let's be real. Everyone has to pay their bills and they have to be responsible towards themselves and their family. Gordon Marino, a philosophy professor at St Olaf College once said that for one to create a meaning out of the work they do, it does not necessarily have to be something that satisfies you and gives you happiness. In today's time, one must follow the rule of 'Do what you have to do'. So in case you need to work a corporate sector job in order to get food to your plate, you must do that. If your passion towards something is a driving force for you, you will be able to find time for it anyway. If your dream job isn't paying you enough, after a point of time you will feel that you are stuck in a job that you love. 'Be responsible' does not sound as exciting as 'Follow your dreams' but if you are facing a problem at the job like non-payment of salary, it is the time you make a switch.  

It is not very important to do what you love but it is quite significant that you love what you do. Changing up things and making a career shift can be made easier with the help a good recruitment consultancy that are set up in India. If we live by the example, Steve Jobs wasn’t particularly passionate about the work that made him famous. If he followed his passion, he would be one of the teachers at a renowned Zen Centre. His company ventured out of a temporary idea to earn quick cash.

 So in conclusion, if your passion isn’t helping you to churn out a good amount of money to lead a comfortable and happy life, its time you swat it. With the help of a good recruitment consultancy, find a job that will help you pay your bills on time. If you are someone in Gujarat looking for a change in your current job, you're in luck. You can continue working for your passion in your free time or make some time for it on regular days.