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Career Advice: How do I manage work-life balance?

Don’t overthink if you are feeling tired at your workstation. You are underestimating yourself.  Take a break to stimulate yourself.  Look up, around and monitor work life balance. A tremendous growth and a healthy mind and body should be your major priorities in life.

According to American Journal of Nursing publication, a state of burnout can cause employees to become disconnected from both work and home because they don’t have enough energy to sustain both lives.

7 useful tips to map a good work-life balance in your professional life, let’s learn one by one:

Eat the frog: This old saying is still worth in work management. Try to finish the most difficult chores early in the day and the rest of the day will automatically become easy to go through.  Develop a good work management skill set. Be communicative with your manager, don’t forget, communication is a two-way process and he should know what you are doing at work and also what you are doing when you are not at work.  

Be good, be generous: help people around then and take my words, this generosity will come back to you unconditionally.

No Social media at work: Use your time for the things that are worth it. Social media is counterproductive at working hour; don’t be there all the time.  You can check the viewers of your story on Snapchat later. Creating an impactful presentation for your client is more important for you right now.

Eat, Sleep and Travel: Well, yes we all know excess of everything is bad. Overworking or working continuously for long months is not good for your health. Take a lengthy break during weeks and turn off your E-mail notifications.  Cultivate a hobby, get into sports or you can also start a side project.

Start Blogging: Share your market experiences. Share the stories happened at business trips or meetings. Share your insights and learning’s about your professionalism.  “It is the best method on which to build a reputation and recruit with the passive candidate in mind," said Miller-Merrell. It will help you to build your own brand in the market.

Seek motivation: Get inspired by everything around you. Try to listen to the experiences of corporate professionals, read self-help books. Listen to the TEDx talks for the entire day on holidays; take my words they can help you to transform your life. Read autobiographical books and success stories of successful professionals.

Exercise and eat right: Ruthlessly prioritise about maintaining a good health of yourselves. Join Zumba classes, you might really enjoy doing different dance forms. Health and wellness are essentially important. Switch off your gadgets one hour before you sleep, that will help in getting a sound sleep.

The more you will find about your work-priorities, what you should do first and the more organised you will get. If you are job-seeker and looking for getting associated with an organisation with an ideal environment, then you can get in touch with the leading recruitment agencies in India. They can help you to attain the job in the companies who offer good work-life balance.