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7 Questions you should never ask in a job interview (For job-seekers)

“Interviewing is a lot like dating,” says Barrett-Poindexter. It’s important to entice with your value and attract them to call you for the next date. At the end of the interview process, your boss will ask “Any questions for me”? Of course, you should not hesitate to ask something related to your job! Expectantly, you should ask very general questions to your recruiter, which you are even available on the internet. Here we go with a list of certain questions; you should avoid asking any job interview:

1.    Can I work from home?

Unless it was mentioned in the job description that you could work from home, don’t raise this question. At this time, your motive should be selling you first. Working from home can be a matter of productivity for the company.

2.    Do I get my office?

It is a slightly unwise question to ask in the job interview. The company can judge you as an inefficient professional; they might don’t call you for the second-round of the interview. At this interviewing stage, you have to fight against all the odds, very smartly. 

3.    How long will it take to get promoted?

This kind of question will make you look over-confident.  First of all, you have to get trained and get acclimatised inside the company. Your work efficiency will surely help you to get promoted soon.

4.    Avoid asking questions starting with “Why”:

Being a job seeker, you should not be boasting. Think at least ten times before asking any question. Please behave in a very calm and requesting manner. 

5.    Do you offer any flexible time options?

The recruiter will be only interested to know how hardworking you are, not how overqualified you are for this job. At this initial stage, you should not such kinds of question.

6.    How old are you?

It is considered as an unwise question to ask your interviewer about his age. This kind of question can make recruiters feel you are not mature enough for the essential job role. 

7.    What religion are you?

You should never ask this kind of question. It is only relevant when you are applying for the position of priest. And, there is no other reason; you should have asked this type of question.

Interviewing for a new job can be nerve-wracking, no matter how experienced you are. During your interview, as a job-seeker, you just have to prove yourself! You should be the professional who can take the heat; your hiring should prove a great success for the company.