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6 Tips for Successful Employee Recruitment in 2021

Finding a right fit for the job could be a very time and energy consuming process. Here are the six simple tips for successful recruitment. 

The process of recruitment is the most significant aspect in operating a business successfully. The quality of the workers determines the performance of an organization. Finding the right fit for the job can be a very challenging task. 
Here are 6 tips that could help recruiters to find the right person for the position.


 1. Encourage Employee Referrals

Turn your employees into recruiters by encouraging employee referrals. Research shows employee referral is a quick and cheaper way to hire, generally produces better results, and lowers the turnover rate at your company. 

 Referred hires stay at their job longer than non-referred hires. 
One study by JobVite found that 46% of referred hires stuck around for at least one year after being employed, which was far more than 33% of people employed through career sites and 22% hired through job boards. 


2. Appealing Job Advertisement


Advertising plays an important role to inform people about your job opening. The language and words used for job advertisement encourage job applicants to apply and create a quality pool of applicants. It is a great opportunity to improve the hiring process right from the start. 
Recruiters can use dedicated and augmented tools or data and predictive analytics to determine what kind of writing is worth for your company and culture. These tools help not only to attract more diverse candidates but also to ensure that company culture is reflected in your job address.


3. Programmatic Job Advertising


Programmatic job advertising can be very useful in large organizations. It is simply software-based purchasing, publishing, and optimizing job ads. It automates the digital job advertising processes and works to ensure that your job ads land in front of your target candidates. Programmatic Advertising uses both the browsing data of your ideal job seekers and the sophisticated algorithms to show them the right ad at the right time and place.



4. Well Defined Job Description


If you are providing an inaccurate job description to recruit employees then you may hire the wrong person. A well-defined job description outlines the position, not only the job-related duties and responsibilities but also the behaviors, values, and cores that you are expecting from potential candidates. 
It should give recruiters a more efficient way to evaluate the ability of job applicants. A well-crafted job description should reflect potential growth opportunities, so the new hires are aware of the future career opportunities in your organization.

5. More Focus on ATS

ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is an important element in effective recruitment. Today, almost all companies are using ATS to shortlist applicants based on specific criteria for each vacant position. This software helps recruiters and employers to collect, sort, scan, and rank the received job applications for their open positions.
It enables the recruiters to track the applicants throughout the entire recruitment process from application to offer letter. With the use of ATS, recruiters can make quick and better hiring decisions. It also provides a better candidate experience and strengthens the employer brand.


6. Constant Communication with Candidates


You need to keep in touch with the potential candidates because elite candidates have multiple job offers at the same time. If you don’t, you can’t stay at the top of their mind. Communication is very important to build a strong relationship with candidates. Without a strong relationship, you will inevitably miss out on important information that your candidates would share with you otherwise.



Finding a high potential employee is not an easy task for recruiters. This process is long and takes a lot of time and energy. These simple tips can help you to build a talent pool and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your hiring process.


- Mahima Tripathi

Intern @Big Ideas HR Consulting Pvt. Ltd.