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6 Skills that will be in high demand post-coronavirus

Coronavirus has been on our mind for roughly three months now. The outbreak has impacted our lives in many ways, and most of them have not been precisely positive. But at the moment not much is in our control. There’s a lot of uncertainty in pretty much everything, be it our personal life or our professional life. Many of us are hopeful that life would be easier soon, but nobody is certain.

We are not aware of what the post-coronavirus world would look like, but it would probably not be the same as last year or the year before. Our professional lifestyle may change drastically. News about the big firms firing its employees has been circulating extensively. Most of the companies are suffering huge losses due to the outbreak, and they may look for a different set of skills and a more optimistic outlook in their employees once this difficulty has phased out.

The workers can use this time to upskill or reskill themselves to be able to meet challenging talent demands. There are many platforms accessible that offer zero- or low-cost training options, which can be leveraged. The pandemic may have brought n number of troubles in our professional lives but we need to be proactively utilizing the potential of these online training platforms to acquire the skills that recruiters would be looking for.

In the post-coronavirus world, these 6 skills would likely be in high demand:



Flexibility - Ability to adapt to the organization’s changed priorities

One thing we know for sure is that the way organizations operate or work is going to change. But, this is not really brand new; changes were already taking place, but the pandemic accelerated it. And this is something that will require us to develop a skill that allows us to adapt to ever-evolving workplaces. Being more flexible will thus be a skill that can help us to survive in the post-coronavirus world.



Technology skills- a necessity for a digital workplace

COVID-19 has undoubtedly functioned as a catalyst for the digital transformation of workplaces. And we are well aware that nobody is confident when they say that this pandemic will be over soon. The reality is that technology will play an even more significant role in our professional life than it used to. Technology such as Artificial Intelligence, big data, Internet of Things to name a few will make businesses more resilient and durable, and anyone who can help companies make the most of these technologies will be in high demand. Developing an aptitude to learn and master the use of new technologies and tools to work effectively will be highly beneficial at such a time.



E-Marketing – Social Media Marketing

The coronavirus pandemic has put the spotlight on digital marketing or e-marketing. Social media engagement has seen a multifold increase during the pandemic, and those who are experts in fields such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), or Social Media Marketing (SMM) will be very attractive to employers in the post-coronavirus world. Any and every organization can benefit from a regularly updated, proper social media marketing strategy that increases the traffic, converts more of the viewers into clients, and strengthens brand loyalty. These skills will be high in demand.



Leadership – Bring out the leader in you

The pandemic has made remote working the new normal and industry experts have predicted that this work from home bit is here to stay for a while at least. Managing a team distantly, while keeping the teammates motivated to get the best out of them, can be a little tricky. Professionals with strong leadership skills will be in demand. Employees would have to keep a proactive mindset and take initiatives to help their colleagues while focusing on the team’s mission.



Emotional Intelligence – High EQ

In times like this, the need for high emotional quotient EQ has become prevalent. Emotional Intelligence is especially important in times of crisis when people are uncertain about their job, future, and virtually everything. To be aware of one’s emotion and having the ability to express and control it is what qualifies an employee as an emotionally intelligent one. All good leaders possess this skill. Their aptitude for managing their own emotions and emotions of others can come in handy at such a stressful time. Professionals with high emotional intelligence will be an asset to employers.



Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

By the time this pandemic is over, most of the industry would have endured enormous losses, and demand for skilled professionals who can help rebuild the businesses is bound to be high. The employees that use this time to hone their critical reasoning and problem-solving skills to come up with solutions to business problems will seem attractive to the employers in the post-coronavirus world.


Even though employers will have a massive talent pool to choose from after the pandemic, applicants can use this time to learn the skills that will be in high demand to stand out from the crowd.



-Ishani Singh