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6 Recruitment lessons from a Chaiwala

Many of us living on the Gujjuland, our days don’t start without a steaming cup of chai. It is refreshing; it is the best thing. On a very fine Wednesday monsoon evening around 7:30 PM, I was coming back from a meeting, and I had a great day with successful business deals and full of feedbacks of my book Social Recruiters.

Today, I decided to spend some time outside and go back home late. I gingerly parked my car at the roadside of SG Highway and rang a couple of my friends as I am available today. Well SG highway is one of the most happening places in Ahmedabad, Full of chai gallas, kids, youth etc. It is my favourite place of the city, which makes me forget to look at my phone

Chai helps to get connected with friends. It helps to fight with chaos. I also love to sit over long chai conversations with my friends. I have had the fortune of having great friends in my life. Sometimes we laugh, we cry, we smile; chai brings us all together.

Today, I am going to talk something which changed my life. I am going to talk about chaiwala in details. Miraculously, they are responsible for teaching me few recruiting lessons. Trust me; I have a learnt a lot from them.

1. They wear many hats.

From fetching cigarette box, from giving you vada pav with your favourite chutney, Chaiwala will take care of everything!

Chaiwala’s have got great multitasking power. He will always complete his chores on time, and he will know whether you are going to order masala chai or pudina chai.

Lesson: A good multitasking power in recruitment will help you to create wonders. Recruiters should be doing extra than firing an e-mail to the candidates or posting urgent requirement on social media. Be clever. 

2.  They are great storytellers!

Take my words; they are hungry to tell stories. Someday, if you get a chance to observe, check him, he will hook you with his stories like fevicol. He is the best person to give you insights about city people or anything.

Lesson: Recruiters should be great storytellers, as they are selling jobs. When you are pitching candidate, you have to tell about the job description like a story. This aspect will improve your hiring process. 

3. They are chicks, not owls!

Chaiwala starts early in the morning because they find best customers at that time.

Lesson: Recruiters should start their day early to end your day with satisfaction and delightfulness. They should know the right time to call and e-mail your candidates. 

4. They are a source of news!

A Chaiwala meets a variety of people every day. He serves youth, office professionals etc. They are street smart. He learns every day.

Lesson: Be open-minded and try to network as much you can. It will not only help you to learn but take you to that part of your brain, which never had existed before.

5. They are ever-smiling.

When you have to make an important presentation for the next day, you will grab your laptop and go to chai ka galla. He will always greet you with a smile and serve you everything before you ask.

Lesson: Be genuine and human to your business relationships. Someday, somewhere this generosity will come back to you in the office, unconditionally! 

6. They are sacrificing and patient.


We all know, they are not serving tea with passion or joy. He sacrifices his life to serve you best in your tea break. We should respect them. Take my words; someday he will take concern and console you when you are sitting in a bad mood on his galla.

Lesson: It doesn’t mean you have to become the most sacrificing figure of the office. It means, if there is any crisis or conflict, you have to sacrifice for the good of your own company.