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5 Top Trends Disrupting The Way HR Functions In India

Digitalization and democratizing is together disrupting part for the HR sector.Not only do this HR have new tools and platform to choose employees but it is not limited to a one on one interview anymore.

Here are top 5 trends being adopted by HR:-

Interview on Skype call:- 

· Employers to be more visible online as an essential part HRs today understand that they could easily lose a candidate if they get in to the process of telephonic and face to face meetings.

·The best way to connect to the candidate by doing Skype call.


Faster application process:- 

· Organisations today are becoming employee-focused and no one wants to lose good talent .

· It is the age of digital age processes and not spending weeks and weeks before you find out that you were not selected.

Organisations with wider visibility:- 

· Potential applicants would easily use all the sources, such as different webpages and social media sites, for their job searches.

· Many companies today cover all potential websites and put job ads in various mediums of media

Experience efficiency/ inefficiency of your hiring process:- 

· Many of the HR peoples never experience how efficient or inefficient the current hiring process actually is.

· By physically going through the job application, HR Managers are today spotting weaknesses and making improvements as required.


Impacts on the way HR functions in organizations:- 

Cloud Technology for HR Management Systems:-

· Cloud computing is a limitless horizon, and has its applications to HR.

· Cloud-based systems are expanding beyond the personnel record management.

· It empowers HR personnel to conduct extensive predictive analysis by understanding the present and bringing new vision to people management.


Performance Evaluation Technology and Appraisal Metrics:-

· Employee appraisal is a core part of any organization’s HR dept.

· However, the process has its own limitations such as a chance of losing top talent and a long period before any action.

· Further, the rules of performance estimation system put number of employees you can place in the top talent area and limit the time after which you can take action towards improvement of underperforming talent.

· Employees can receive feedback on monthly or quarterly basis.

· This data enables the top management and HR to gather actionable information for taking quicker steps to select the talent from the organizations.

Tools for Pre-Assessing Potential Hires:-

· Pre-assessment is one major field that is seeing in the HR world.

· Organizations want to reduce the time, energy and efforts to identifying the best talent.

· Online pre-assessment tools are giving HR the power to measure, analyse, and improve potential employees at a fraction of the recruitment cost.