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5 tips for your business: Post-Lockdown Stratergy

All of us are well aware that the speed and the extent of economical damage caused by COVID-19 ever since the nations have implemented the essential lockdowns, is nothing like we’ve ever seen before. Businesses are suffering and many of them are struggling to survive. Recovering from this collapse will be very difficult as not only has the production slowed down, but the demand has also plummeted; the world had never seen a negative crude oil price before.

 But how will the business function in the post-lockdown world? You have to strategize and plan for the future as to how your businesses will combat the adverse economic effect of the lockdown. But apart from the medium and long term plan, you also need to have some kind of an exit strategy for the next few weeks and months. A safe and healthy working environment will be more important now and will be vital in the coming months. Businesses need to plan to protect themselves and to get back to normal.

Here we have provided 5 points which can help your business function post-lockdown:  

1.       Keep your workplace sanitized!


The first thing you should be doing as an employer is to ensure that your offices are properly sanitized. This has to be done with alcohol-based disinfectants. The virus has been proven to get inactivated by chemical disinfectants. Hand sanitizers should be placed in all common areas and must be refilled regularly. Hand sanitizing stations should be installed at the entry and near high contact surfaces. Employees should be encouraged to wear a face mask at all times. Apart from this, the sitting arrangement should be changed to ensure one meter gap between each employee. Office spaces, including conference rooms, must be cleaned thoroughly every day after office hours.



2.        Identify your employees with respiratory illness


Although all of us are equally at risk to catch coronavirus, people with respiratory illness or those who are suffering from chronic diseases are at a higher risk. It is an important task to classify such employees and ask them to continue working from home. This way you’ll help them and other employees be safe. This will also minimize the congestion at the office to a certain extent, thus making more space for a distanced seating arrangement.



3.       Enabling social distancing while traveling to and from the workplace


Public transportation can be a hotspot for the spread of the virus. Employees who use private vehicles to travel to the office are relatively safer. Nonetheless, you should think about arranging a bus for the employees. You can set a bus timetable for the employees, allowing them to travel by bus every alternate week, to make sure that social distancing can be implemented on the bus.



1.       Ensure psychological wellbeing


The lockdown has caged us within our homes and if the employee is trapped alone, he definitely is looking forward to the post-lockdown period. Most of the employees have got the opportunity to spend time with their loved once while working from home. In both cases, there is at least some stress due to the uncertainty of their job. This uncertainty can hamper the employee’s productivity and steps must be taken to ensure psychological wellbeing. One way of doing this can be providing access to mental health experts. It is very important for your employees to feel psychologically safe at work.


2.       No non-essential business travels!


Implementing a country-wide lockdown is just a temporary way of slowing down the spread of the virus. Even when the lockdown is lifted, it will be important to practice social distancing as the risk of COVID-19 will still be high. As an employer, you will have to make sure that none of your employees are traveling outside the organization unless it is of high importance. Online collaborations should be encouraged.


As we prepare to resume life post lockdown, working remotely whenever necessary, while maintaining a healthy and safe workplace will be essential.



-Ishani Singh