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4 Advantages that distinguish Internal Hiring

Recruiting for a vacant position can be a complex and nerve-racking process. A lot of effort goes into magnetizing, inspecting, interviewing, and eventually hiring a candidate for the position.

If you have been looking for a good fit for a vacant position recently, you'll know that finding the right people via conventional means can be an uphill struggle and can also cost you a considerable amount.

Occasionally you end up with a candidate who isn’t a good fit, and then you have to do it all over again. It’s a lengthened and costly task, and when you’re hiring an outsider, it can be a shot in the dark.

You may have considered recruiting internally. Doesn’t it seem like an effortless way to get someone you are familiar with and trust to fill the position? You already know their working tactics and their strength and weakness. Plus - there's the additional benefit of it simplifying the procedure and making the entire process a little economical.

Internal Recruitment is logical because the new hires are already part of your team and are well aware of your culture and policies. It takes the conjecture and much of the expenditure out of the hiring process.


4 Advantages of Recruiting Internally


1. Faster

Shorter sourcing time

When recruiting from outside the organization, the HR team needs to look for candidates, assess them and then persuade them to join their company. All this takes time. On the other hand, you need less time to find and take on these candidates. It’s also much easier to evaluate internal candidates because:

· They have already been screened for culture fit.

· Their track evidence is easy to get to.

· They might not at all times need full interviews with managers (the head of the department they previously worked for already knows the candidate.)

All these reduce the time spent on each hiring stage and your overall recruiting time.


Shorter on boarding time

Everyone needs a moment or two to adjust to a new role, but internal hires are quicker to onboard. This is because they:

·        Know how your corporation functions and most of your policies and practices.

·        May be acquainted with people in their new team

·        May already know the background of their new roles if they shift within the same team or to a comparable one.



2. Value for money

Time is money! Less time-consuming process is bound to be cheaper.

·        You can simply notify the internal candidates via email or the company’s magazine. You don’t have to spend money on job boards

·        You can save money while sourcing for eligible candidates.

·        You can save money used for background checks as you had already done a thorough check for internal candidates while hiring them in the first place.



3. Less dicey.


People tend to lie on their resume and even in interviews they show only their most decent side and amplify their passion for the role. Even an outstanding interview does not guarantee a good employee. On the other hand, when recruiting internally, you already know the person and his record. This, of course, takes away a lot of the risk of employing the wrong candidate.


4. It improves your company name as an employer.

Today, career growth and flexibility are two very important aspects that jobseekers look for while assessing an employer brand.  A company that believes in internal hiring is seen as one that is eager to give opportunities to grow and evolve.

It’s highly beneficial for any company to have an attractive employer brand to draw and retain the most excellent people.

                                                                                                                             -  Ishani Singh