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3 ways for SMBs to build a great employee experience in 2021

Employee expectations and priorities in a good work environment have seen a big change. Another often-overlooked change is that in Employee Experience.

It should not come as a surprise that the corona second wave has taken a toll on our mental health. And this is true for both Employees as well as Employers when we say personal factors are taking precedence over external issues now. 

What companies need the most are empathetic HR policies. As SMBs find their way through the pandemic, they need to foster and build a great employee experience in the transforming workplace. 


Here are 3 ways for SMBs to build a great employee experience in 2021 - 

Reducing remote collaboration friction

Collaboration at the workplace is in itself a somewhat difficult task. Challenges include getting employees to know each other better, removing competition, and enhancing communications. Remote collaboration is even more difficult. But not with the right collaboration tools.

It is critical not to give in to the temptation of introducing a bunch of remote working tools to get all the features. Follow the ‘less is more' approach to steer clear of confusion. 

There are many free collaboration tools for remote work you can choose from. Keep in mind that ‘The ideal collaboration tool helps employees manage their work efficiently, and in turn, improves overall employee experience.’


Align individual, team, and organizational goals

Millennials and Gen Z gain more work satisfaction when they know their efforts contribute to the company's vision and goal. Therefore, sharing stories of how the company is making an impact for their clients, employees, and marginalized communities - in society in general, can be very helpful. 

Company narratives matter to employee experience, but what matters, even more, is employee accountability. Moreover, your company should enable its employees to be completely fulfilled by finding purpose in their work experience. 

Digital reward & recognition strategies 

From supporting employees in tough times to enabling them to use technology for remote work, the pandemic has made employee wellbeing the priority. Going the extra mile to understand their needs and reward them accordingly is what your company needs to do now. 

Digital recognition allows for instant acknowledgment so that employees can be recognized for their praise-worthy actions or hard work at that moment.

A personalized reward makes a lasting impact. When you have a culture in which people are encouraged, appreciated, and rewarded - it provides a foundation for a more engaged, fit, and productive workforce. Companies should begin to invest in boosting employee happiness. 

  • Ishani Singh