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10 Mistakes to avoid in the Job Interview

You are invited for the job interview. Yes, it can be stressful. The process from job interview to getting offer letter is worrisome for anyone. Just preparing for cover letter and updated CV doesn’t create a full stop. But calm down, you just need to believe in yourself. Try to be unlike other candidates around you. You will get your desired job with expected salary automatically.

Give yourself time to prepare for it to avoid mistakes. It is time for you to put on your thinking hats and start working on your “me-project”. Here we go with some important elements to keep tab while appearing for the interview. Just skim twice and make sure you never make them: 

1. Appearing late: We are aware that making the best-first impressions is very important for the landing in the job. Punctuality is a must-have skill in every profession. 

2. Bad dressing: Please make sure you are not making any dress code mistakes. No matter it is a start-up, Partnership or Multinational company, you should be graciously dressed by following company’s dress code. Power of dressing helps you to turn all your heads towards you.

3. Casual approach: The moment you receive the interview call, check their website. It is a big mistake if you are not doing proper research for the company. If by chance they ask you any question related to doing their firm, and you are not able to answer. It will make you appear uninterested.

4. Behaving too nervous or too confident: Research the interviewers on the company’s website or Linkedin profile. Behave in a very neutral manner. If they ask something related to your job changes in the resume, explain everything and turn every conversation into positive.

5. Badmouthing your boss and past employees: Avoid speaking anything related to your bitter experience. The interviewers might judge anything about you. The world is a small place. If there was any horrible experience, then you need to figure out the way to talk about your matter.

6. Following up: it is one of the most important aspects of the recruitment industry. After the interview, usually Hiring managers to tell how much time they will get back to you, if they don’t, ask them! Take a proper follow-up and don’t sound like desperate. Remember, there is always next time.

7. Sharing TMI (Too much information): Don’t speak anything personal, which has nothing to do with your position. Avoid sharing too much information and answer only what is questioned? Usually, during the most common question is asked about the reason for job-changing and the past projects you have worked.  Answer very precisely and strategically, in short sentences.

8. Using Phone: Before going for the job interview, put your phone in silent mode. Fix your urgent calls for the post-interview time. They might not include you on the priority list. 

9. Losing your cool:  Never show your emotions. Think about happy thoughts and stay focused!

10. Asking wrong questions: Ask an intelligent question, which indicates your intelligence and efficiency. Do a thorough research on social media platforms of the company too.

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