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10 Best Perks and Benefits to Offer New Candidates

Finding the right talent for your organization is a very tough task in today’s competitive scenario. Many candidates apply in those organizations that offer attractive perks and benefits with a good salary. Losing out on a talented candidate is annoying especially when the salary package is not at all an issue.

Why offering Perks and Benefits is so Important :

As per Glassdoor’s survey,79% of employees prefer benefits over a pay increase.

It indicates that Perks and Benefits play a significant role in the employees retention. 

This same situation for new candidates as well.

Glassdoor survey also revealed that 57% of candidates look for attractive employee benefits while accepting a new job offer.

According to another survey, organizations that use benefits as a strategic tool for recruiting experience more success than those that don’t.

Most Valued Perks and Benefits :


Here is a list of 10 most valued Perks and Benefits you can offer to your top candidates -

Dental and Healthcare Insurance

 According to the 2021 Salary Guide, about 60-68% of HR Managers offering a dental and healthcare insurance plan agreed that it helped attract a new candidate.


Paid Time-off

Paid Time-off is one of the most preferred benefits for the employees. Today millennials focus equally on both their professional and personal life. By supporting work-life balance with such benefits, you can attract high-quality talent.

Work from Home

Work from home is increasingly becoming the most desired perk for new-age employees. It comes with the benefit of flexible schedules and with no location bars.

401(K) plan / Retirement plan

You can provide financial securities to your employees by offering pension plans, 401(k), and more.

Stock Options

Stock options give employees a real sense of ownership in their organization’s success. It significantly affects their work.

Paid Parental leave

Parental leave policy is one of the major factors for both male and female employees while applying for a job. It provides paid time off to take care of their child.

Free Gym Membership / Yoga Classes

Healthiness is correlated with a healthy mind. Regular exercise can improve sleep, reduce stress and help employees to maintain their healthy work-life. Many organizations now see gym and yoga classes as a basic benefit.

Professional Development Opportunities

Most of the talented candidates seek professional growth opportunities in an organization such as challenging projects, training, seminars, conferences, etc.

Paid Sick Leave

Health directly affects the productivity and efficiency of the employees. Paid sick leaves provide paid time off to employees to address their health needs.

Employee Discounts and Rewards

In such perks, employees get exclusive discounts on everything like dining, fitness, retail, grocery, movie tickets, etc.

Employees are key to success for any organization. And they like benefits, appreciation and recognition. If you want to edge out the competition, you need to offer unique employee perks and benefits with a lucrative salary to attract top talent.

- Mahima Tripathi