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“I am stuck in the wrong job” : What Next?

Does that sound like you?

I have come across numerous people who have worked in the jobs where they have felt deflated and useless. All this boils up to the dissatisfaction and frustration with the life affecting their personal lives as well.

Your job is a major part of your life and it is too short to work at the wrong place in the wrong job. Most of us are lost and dissatisfied with the life as we ourselves don’t know what we love and what makes us tick. Your life expectations would be very different from that of your best friends’ or your colleagues’. But, each of these jobs is taking you closer to what you really want to achieve.

When stuck in the wrong job, more often people are not able to leave it.  It is easier said than done.  Job change is a major career moment and if taken without due diligence can affect your career immensely.

Work v/s People

A lot of times professionals like the work but not the people around. You may be surrounded by negative people or who want to pull you down. Write down what exactly you do not like in your job. Why do you think this is the wrong job for? Take your own time for this crucial activity. A lot of due diligence is required from you before you take this decision. If it is a ‘People’ issue, you need to decide who you interact with and who you don’t. Seek help from your seniors but remember do not complain. Negative emotions spread like fire and you never know how it is perceived upon.

Are you simply unhappy?

Most of the people I have come across are simply unhappy with everything they do. Are you one of them?  Before you conclude that you are stuck at the wrong job, introspect yourself. If you get dissatisfied with everything happening around you easily, then maybe your job is not the issue but you are the issue.

Can you alter what you do?

Many people are stuck in the wrong job profile, but the majority of the people are not. They do not enjoy all the roles and responsibilities or simply put they are not able to allocate time to the task they really love. If you are one of them, start your day with the task you love and continue the remaining tasks with the same zeal and excitement.

Opportunities out there!

While you try and take every necessary step, you should always keep your options open. Know what kind of job you really want. You can read more about the job search here. Make connections and keep networking as you never know where your next big opportunity lies.

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